The Bail Bond Process

Understanding Los Angeles Bail Bonds

Understanding the Los Angeles Bail Bonds Process

Living in a city as big as Los Angeles means there’s always a large chance that you can find yourself in hot water with the police or legal system. Whether it’s the immense penal code or the fact that they have the third largest police force in all of the United States with more than 10,000 officers, you may end up facing any number of charges. And this means you will need our Los Angeles bail bonds services. When do you need Los Angeles bail … [Read More...]

How Bail Bonds Work in Los Angeles County

How Bail Bonds Work in LA County [INFOGRAPHIC]

Let's hope that you're never in this situation but you need to know how bail bonds work in Los Angeles County if you or someone close to you is arrested. Our infographic below will guide you through the process and let you know what to expect after you're arrested. There are several reasons why an individual should bail out of jail instead of waiting in lock up for a trial date however two reasons stand out from the group. According to the … [Read More...]

Know the Laws and Your Rights

Man Arrested with 400 Pounds of Marijuana Candy

Los Angeles Area Man Arrested in Missouri with 400 Pounds of Marijuana Chocolate

You have to give the people in the drug trade credit for one thing: They are extremely creative when it comes to transporting their products. We've seen underground tunnels, shops and restaurants used a fronts, and even drones carrying meth. And these are the ones that we know about. It's a safe bet to say the drug traffickers have ways for distribution that we can't imagine. On the other side of the coin are the not very sneaky, not very smart drug dealers that get caught because of their own stupidity. Hey, I'll just advertise my drugs on Craigslist or wear a shirt that says I have drugs when I'm trying to sell drugs. A man that recently attempted to drive cross-country with a car full of marijuana chocolate bars falls into the second group. Everything would've been fine if he had … [Read More...]

Hope Solo Talks to Robin Roberts on GMA

Hope Solo Tells GMA She Was Victim of Domestic Violence

It's been a long year for U.S. Women's Soccer Team goalie Hope Solo. She was arrested in June of 2014 on domestic violence charges. Hope was accused of beating up her half-sister and her 17-year-old nephew. A judge dismissed the charges against Solo last month. In January of 2015 Solo was suspended for 30 days by the USWST after she and her husband Jerramy Stevens were pulled over in a USWST van. Stevens was arrested for DUI. The entire incident showed very poor decision making from a person who's career depends on quick thinking and good decisions. With her 30-day soccer suspension coming to an end Hope is starting her image rehab. First stop on the "I'm Not A Bad Person" tour was Good Morning America where Solo spoke to Robin Roberts. The interview covered all of Hope's issues from the … [Read More...]

Will Smith Interview with Ryan Seacrest

Will Smith Admits to Stealing Gum for ‘Focus’

Ah, the advantages of being a celebrity. It goes beyond all of the money, fame, free meals, free clothes, and the overall royal treatment. There are certain aspects of being a celebrity that the normal person is ever going to experience. Let's see the average Joe walk on stage at an awards show and interrupt Beck or Taylor Swift. There's no way an average Jane could pull of the Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes lifestyle without serious repercussions. And there's absolutely no way the average person could walk into a store, steal gum, and then give a radio interview bragging about their exploits. But that's exactly what Will Smith did today in an interview with Ryan Seacrest. Smith joined Seacrest to promote his new film 'Focus' and the interview touched on several topics from working out to … [Read More...]