The Bail Bond Process

Understanding Los Angeles Bail Bonds

Understanding the Los Angeles Bail Bonds Process

Living in a city as big as Los Angeles means there’s always a large chance that you can find yourself in hot water with the police or legal system. Whether it’s the immense penal code or the fact that they have the third largest police force in all of the United States with more than 10,000 officers, you may end up facing any number of charges. And this means you will need our Los Angeles bail bonds services. When do you need Los Angeles bail … [Read More...]

How Bail Bonds Work in Los Angeles County

How Bail Bonds Work in LA County [INFOGRAPHIC]

Let's hope that you're never in this situation but you need to know how bail bonds work in Los Angeles County if you or someone close to you is arrested. Our infographic below will guide you through the process and let you know what to expect after you're arrested. There are several reasons why an individual should bail out of jail instead of waiting in lock up for a trial date however two reasons stand out from the group. According to the … [Read More...]

Know the Laws and Your Rights

Narco Beauty with Her Gun

Narco Beauties Show Off Bodies and Weapons on Social Media

In the United States, and in the Southwest in particular, we're aware of the drug cartels or "Narcos" in Mexico, but we don't think about them outside of news stories highlighting violence or a major drug seizure. The cartels are said to be responsible for 90% of the cocaine that enters the United States. Estimates have the drug trade accounting for 3 to 4 percent of Mexico's $1.2 trillion annual GDP. Other reports claim the loss of the drug business would cause the Mexican economy to fall by over 60%. It's hard to imagine drug trafficking ending anytime soon with so much money involved. As it is here in the U.S. (and probably around the world) there are people in Mexico that idolize and glorify the criminal lifestyle. In the States we have The Mob Museum in Las Vegas, people claiming … [Read More...]

California Highway Patrol Officer Sentenced

CHP Officer Given 3 Years Probation for Stealing Nude Photos

A Northern California judge sentenced former California Highway Patrol officer Sean Harrington to three years probation for taking and "sharing" nude photos of two women while they were under arrest. The "sharing" sounds more like stealing unless it's legal to go into someone else's phone and take pictures and other information. Harrington got very lucky and avoided an extended vacation at a California prison. You have to wonder if a civilian would have received the same treatment. From CBS Los Angeles via The San Francisco Chronicle: The judge also gave Sean Harrington six months in jail Tuesday, but she suspended the sentence as long as Harrington attends a violence prevention training program and obeys the law while on probation. A suspended sentence for violating women's privacy … [Read More...]

Drug Smuggling Drone Crashed in Tijuana

Meth Carrying Drone Crashes Near U.S.-Mexico Border

Drug dealers and the authorities are involved in a never-ending game of cat and mouse. The dealers develop a system for transporting their product, the police shut it down, and then the process starts over. Nobody wins but the game continues. Some aspiring methamphetamine dealers near the San Ysidro Port of Entry tried taking their drug smuggling to new heights. Literally. The dopetreprenuers used a six-propeller, lithium battery-powered drone to airlift three kilos of meth into the United States. Unfortunately for them their plan came crashing down. NBCLA has the details: The unmanned aircraft hauling more than 6 pounds of crystal meth in six packages fell from the sky into the parking lot of a supermarket in Tijuana just before 10 p.m., according to Vicente Calderon, a Tijuana-based … [Read More...]