The Bail Bond Process

Understanding Los Angeles Bail Bonds

Understanding the Los Angeles Bail Bonds Process

Living in a city as big as Los Angeles means there’s always a large chance that you can find yourself in hot water with the police or legal system. Whether it’s the immense penal code or the fact that they have the third largest police force in all of the United States with more than 10,000 officers, you may end up facing any number of charges. And this means you will need our Los Angeles bail bonds services. When do you need Los Angeles bail … [Read More...]

How Bail Bonds Work in Los Angeles County

How Bail Bonds Work in LA County [INFOGRAPHIC]

Let's hope that you're never in this situation but you need to know how bail bonds work in Los Angeles County if you or someone close to you is arrested. Our infographic below will guide you through the process and let you know what to expect after you're arrested. There are several reasons why an individual should bail out of jail instead of waiting in lock up for a trial date however two reasons stand out from the group. According to the … [Read More...]

Know the Laws and Your Rights

Van Nuys Drug Charge Bail bonds

Drug Charge Bail Bonds in Van Nuys

Law enforcement is still engaged in “The War on Drugs” which means being caught with an illegal substance could land you in jail for life. If one of your friends or loved ones is facing a drug charge from simple possession to possession with intent to sell it’s important that they seek legal counsel. The best way to do that is to use the bail bond services of Big Boy Bail Bonds, Inc. Check out these numbers from the National Institute on Drug Abuse: Marijuana (35 percent), methamphetamine (28 percent), and cocaine (20 percent) accounted for a majority of Los Angeles-based reports (on seizures) of illicit drugs identified by the National Forensic Lab­oratory Information System (NFLIS) for 2012; these results indicated decreases for marijuana and cocaine and an increase for … [Read More...]

Grand theft bail bonds in Van Nuys

Grand Theft Bail Bonds in Van Nuys

The last thing most people ever want to do is deal with handcuffs, the police and possible felony charges, especially if they don’t get a chance to fully tell their story. It’s a harsh reality across the United States and in large cities like Los Angeles, where shoplifting or being charged with theft can be the difference between your freedom and several years behind bars. The information below will prepare you for if you're ever charged with grand theft in Van Nuys or the surrounding cities. UNDERSTANDING GRAND THEFT CHARGES The crucial element in all theft cases is the amount of the property that is lost, taken or stolen. If it exceeds $950 it’s considered a felony (grand theft) and includes severe penalties. If the amount is $950 or less, then it’s considered petty theft under … [Read More...]

Drug Possession Bail Bonds Pasadena

Drug Bail Bonds in Pasadena

Sitting in the back of a police car, handcuffed or behind bars is not a place most people ever want to end up or can even imagine. Television, movies and popular culture make it appear as if you can avoid jail time and trouble with the law as long as you don’t attack, rob or kill anyone. Don't believe the hype. It's very easy for a person to find themselves in the Pasadena Jail or any other local jail. Despite these common beliefs, the largest amount of annual nationwide arrests is made up of drug abuse violations. A 2012 FBI study on crime statistics in the United States found that of the 12.2 million arrests documented in that year, only 521,000 were for violent crimes. Arrests for drug related offenses actually tripled the violent crime numbers, coming in at 1.5 million arrests. Of … [Read More...]