Jail In CA and bond requirements

Bail Bond Requirements for Los Angeles and Van Nuys

“Operator for the Jail In….”

It’s 2 a.m. and the phone starts ringing. You answer the phone and you hear the call is coming from a jail in your local city. The operator starts to speak and is informing you that a loved one has been incarcerated at a jail in Los Angeles County. You have two options, press one to speak to the inmate or, hang up. Your heart starts beating a million miles per minute. Before you can even find out who’s in jail, you are already having 100 thoughts. Who is it? Is it my family, is it a friend? Do I need a bail bondsman?  In most cases any jail in Los Angeles County  will give you the name of the person that is in custody.  As soon as you hear your son or daughter on the other line and they inform you that they are at the jail in Van Nuys, and they are freaking out. They ask you to help them get out fast! They have work in a few hours and do not want to lose the job they have. They sound scared and helpless. They start to explain why they are in jail. They let you know that they have made a big mistake and are being charged with one of the following criminal charges: petty theft, drug possession, spousal abuse or robbery. He or she asked you to call a bail bondsman by the jail and arrange for them to be released. Of course you are willing to do anything to help a loved one, you would not want them to be in a jail in any country. You would hope they would do the same for you. How can you help them,you wonder? You find a bail bonds company by the Police Department,and you call to speak to a bondsman to get more details on the bail bonds process for the jail in Van Nuys City. And How Bail Bonds Works Click Here.

Bondsman,cosigner and bail bonds company agreement.

The bondsman at Big Boy Bail Bonds are here to help you figure out if being a cosigner is the right step for you to take. The bail bonds process is not the hard part. The hard part is figuring out if you are willing to be a cosigner and take the responsibilities that come with the contract you sign. The bail agreement is between the signer, the bondsman and bail bonds company. The Cosigner has many responsibilities, and they must all be addressed in full detail by your bondsman. The number one responsibility and requirements for a bail contract is to be a  U.S resident and in most cases the bondsman will require the cosigner to be a resident of the state. The second most important requirement is to be employed and show proof of employment. When you sign the contract you will be pledging that you will make sure the inmate appears to all of the court dates assigned by the jail in the city they are in custody. If she or he (the inmate) fails to follow any and all instructions orders by the court that will be considered forfeiting the bond and it becomes necessary to apprehend the defendant to the court. You must also understand that you are responsible for any and all expenses incurred as a result of such forfeiture, and further if such forfeiture occurred the defendant is ordered to be surrendered to the court within a time prescribed by law. Normally no more than 180 days. Once that time passes you will be liable to pay the full amount of the bond. This also includes any unpaid bail premium. You must also agree that the premium on the Bail Bonds is fully earned upon the release of the inmate from any jail in California. The fact that the defendant may have been improperly arrested, his or her bail was reduced, or his or her case dismissed does not mean that any part of the premium paid to the Bail Bonds company will be returned.

Find an inmate in any jail in Los Angeles County.

Locating someone at any jail in Los Angeles County is easy. This service is offered by our Bail Bondsman at Big Boy Bail Bonds, Inc free of charge. Inmate info may also be obtained by you, click here to find an inmate at any jail in Los Angeles County. The easiest and fastest way to find an inmate is to Call our Bail Bonds Office at 818-244-3389. A live bondsman will answer your call and give you full bail and bond information 24 hours a day. But before you call make sure you have the information needed to locate the inmate. Full name of the inmate includes the exact spelling of the First name, Last Name and Middle name. You must also provide the correct date of birth. Our bail bondsmen will provide you with top-notch service around the clock. If you do not understand any part of the bail bonds service we will take our time and explain each step until you are fully aware and understand what it takes to get someone out of jail. Regardless of what jail in Los Angeles the inmate is being held, we will find them and get you full bail data. We serve the Van Nuys Jail, Glendale Jail, Hollywood Jail, Pasadena Jail, West Hollywood sheriffs department jail, Parker Center Jail, Down Town Los Angeles jail, 77 st jail and all local jails in CA. If you have an inmate at any jail in Los Angeles our agents will find them.

Big Boy Bail Bonds in California have been in business for over 10 years. We are very experienced at dealing with all types of cases including domestic violence, DUI accident, and drug charges,violent offenses,theft charges,weapons charges,assault & battery and all white-collar offenses.We are a 24 hour bail bonds , seven days a week, including holidays. Call us at 818-244-3389 anytime and let us give you excellent bail bonds services. Any Jail in CA any time day or night.