Vandalism Graffiti or Art

Vandalism Graffiti or Art? Whether you think its art or just graffiti it really does not matter. What matters is that the city of Los Angeles has placed a law against any kind of illegal art on city or private properties. Getting caught red-handed with a can of paint in your hand can earn you a quick ride to the Police Department.

Vandalism charges are now a very serious offense. Not only is it a felony charge with a bail bond amount of $20,000. You will also be required to pay the city a hefty fine. You may also have to serve a jail sentence of six months at the Los Angeles Jail. The fee you would have to pay for a bond that is $20,000  will be $2,000. Unless you qualify and are approved for a 8% bond fee. In that case your bail bond fee will be $1,600. There are many reasons as to why this type of crime is considered to be such a huge ordeal. Los Angeles county residents voted to make this type of offense more serious than what it used to be a couple of years ago. The reason the residents decided to change the punishment for this type of case is because graffiti vandalism promotes a gang presence and it also brings down the value of the property owners. To get more details on how bail bonds works click here.

Vandalism is not only for graffiti type cases. Even something that seems like a harmless prank -egging someone’s car or toilet papering someone’s house- is vandalism in the eyes of the law. If the cost to repair or replace the damage is under $400 the violator will be charged with misdemeanor vandalism. If the cost is over $400, as in Jeff Garlin’s case, the charge will be felony vandalism.  On June 2013 comedian and actor Jeff Garlin was arrested for vandalism after he smashed the windows of a car over a parking dispute. Garlin was saddled with the common $20,000 bail for vandalism with damages over $400. If it can happen to a celebrity it can certainly happen to someone that you care about. Either way it will be in the defendant’s best interest to bail out of jail and seek legal help.

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