Online Bail Bond Application

How to Complete Bail Bond Application

Online Bail Bond Application: Qualifications

To qualify as a co-signer for any Los Angeles, CA inmate in custody, the online bail bond application requires the co-signer to give Big Boy Bail Bonds the following documents:

 1. Bail Bonds Applications/Contract : Co-Signer
 2. Bail Bonds Application: Defendant 
  • Two forms of I.D. including any of the following: CA Driver License or CA State I.D, Social Security Card, Passport, Green Card, Work Permit.
  • One form of proof of residency, including any of the following: Cell phone Bill, Utility Bill, Mortgage/Lease, Car registration, Car Insurance, Pay Stub.
  • In the case of Defendant foreign status in the US; Co-Signer/Indemnitor must provide:
    • Valid State ID
    • Social Security
    • Bank Statement
    • 1 additional reference (Full Name, Address & phone number of family/friend in county that applies to defendant)

Once the online applications is submitted. You may come back to this page and send your payment by clicking on the link provided below. If you do not see your desired payment method contact us at 1(818)244-3389.

Online Bail Bond ApplicationBail Bond Company Contract Agreement:

As a co-signer for a bail bond you must understand, you are responsible for the defendant and his/her court appearances. You are liable for the bond until the case is complete, and any and all bail bond premiums are paid in full. Below is more information regarding a signer and his/her obligations when agreeing to get a loved one out of jail using the bail bond system.

  • Co-signer insures that the defendant will appear at all of his/her court dates
  • Co-signer is liable for any and all expenses incurred as a result of a forfeiture
  • Co-signer must read all the obligations on the contract and agree to each and every one before submitting the contract

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